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In New Jersey, commercial real estate owners and homeowners pay the highest property taxes of any state in the country.  In fact, some areas face more than double the national average.

Can anything be done to address this excessive tax burden?

For more than a decade, Paff Law Firm has represented owners of residential and commercial properties in New Jersey and New York; including apartments, hotels, office buildings, medical offices, hospitals, financial institutions, automobile properties, telecommunications buildings, shopping malls and farms. In addition, we have litigated complex issues for industrial buildings including warehouses, refrigerated storage and factories.  We have helped owners to reduce their assessed value for savings on current or future tax bills, and in many cases to obtain refunds.

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Michael A. Paff concentrates his practice in property tax appeal litigation, abatements, and condemnation issues. He has extensive experience in litigating tax appeal cases that involve overvaluation, added assessments, omitted assessments, farmland assessments, exemptions and “Chapter 91” cases.

Mr. Paff appears before all tax and appellate courts in New Jersey and multiple Supreme Courts in New York.